Nisipurile de Aur, hotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur, Rezervă acum online Hoteluri în Nisipurile de Aur, Bulgaria
Nisipurile de Aur, hotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur, Rezervă acum online Hoteluri	Nisipurile de Aur
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hotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur

About the hotel: Guests at Melia Grand Hermitage can indulge themselves with a therapeutic beauty treatment in the spa, such as a Thracian wine bath, Hawaiian water massage, and mud treatment, whilst relaxation can also be sought in the Turkish steam bath. There is also a fully equipped fitness room and indoor, outdoor and children’s pools, and the gardens lead down to the promenade and sandy beach. Guests can then challenge each other on the pool and billiard tables. There is a shopping arcade with several boutiques selling gifts and souvenirs, ATM machine, and business centre offering full conference facilities and complimentary Internet access. The nine-floor Melia Grand Hermitage, Golden Sands, has 727 guestrooms featuring warm-toned decor with dark woods and burgundy striped or polka doted fabrics and all including balconies and complimentary high-speed Internet. The hotel has both smoking and non-smoking rooms.

Number of rooms: 727

Address: Nisipurile de Aur, 1 Melia Alley, Golden Sands, Varna 9007, Bulgaria

In hotel: Aer condiţionat, 24 oră Reception, Lift, Parcare, Restaurant, Room service, Day Bar, Night bar, Sali de conferinte, Business center, Shops and commercial services, Spa center, Coafor, Fitness, Sauna/Baie de aburi, Masaje, Piscina interioara, Piscina in aer liber, Children's playground, Ironing, Dry cleaning, Laundry service, Inchiriere masini, Currency exchange, Safety deposit box, Camere pentru nefumatori, Camere/ Facilitati pentru persoane cu, Kitchen

In room: Aer condiţionat, Balcony, Baie, Bathtub, Uscător de păr, Minibar, Bucătărie, Telefon, Internet access, TV, Satelit TV, Sigur

Activities: Table tennis, Billiards

Season: All seasons

Condiţii de cazare

Check-in time after 15:00
Check-out time before 12:00
We will hold your booking until 24:00
No pets allowed

In cases, when the hotel refuses to provide the service for your reservation upon arrival after confirmed booking, PS TOUR Ltd. is obliged to to offer you an alternative of comparable parameters.

Întrebări şi informaţii suplimentare

Pentru toate întrebările legate de procesul rezervării, nu ezitaţi să ne contactaţi la tel. +359 700 11 881 (09:00-17:30 -Luni-Vineri), skype: ok-booking,
PS Tour Ltd., Bourgas 8000, 1, Al. Veliki Str.

Places to see nearby

» Varna Eneolithic Necropolis 

Varna Eneolithic Necropolis

Found by chance during construction works in 1972 in the western industrial part of Varna, the Varna Eneolithic Necropolis was under research excavations till 1991 under the directions of Mr. M.Lazarov /1972-1976/ and Mr. I. Ivanov /1972-1991/. It is situated about 500 m to the north of the Varna Lake and about 4 km to the west of downtown Varna. According to specialists, the findings are a part of eneolithic funeral, dating back to the IV century B.C. More than 294 graves were found, containing over 3000 golden objects with a total weight of over 6 kg. In one grave alone (grave No. 43), more gold was found than all the gold from this era found in the world by that moment. Besides the numerous golden decorations, different figures of idols and amulets were also discovered, some of them representing human figures, other –animals. The discoveries in the Varna Eneolithic Necropolis are the richest in Europe from the late eneolithic period. Experts describe them as "the world's oldest gold" and a trace of "Europe's most ancient civilization”. They are older than those found in Egypt and the Near East. <br />The influence of the Varna gulf civilization on European culture formation is indisputable. <br />The treasure is currently exhibited in the halls of the Archeological Museum in Varna.

» Golden Sands Park 

Golden Sands Park

Sunny Beach Park includes some parts of the eastern slopes of the Frangensko table land. It is situated 17 km northwestern direction of Varna. The park is a unique mixture of sea, greenery, and a beautiful beach. It was declared a park in 1943. The vertical limestone rocks, which figure the edge of the table land, are notably picturesque. Most of the park’s territory is covered with deciduous vegetation, mainly  yoke-elms and oak-trees. Dense forests cover the deep wet valleys, where 13 small natural lakes are situated. The park is a habitat for more than 70 species. A historical monument in the park is the Aladja Monastery, which dates back form the 13 century. Golden Sands sea-resort is also situated on the park’s territory and attracts thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists each year. <br /><br />

» Irakli 


Irakli is a protected area with camping site close to the village of Emona in the municipality of Nessebar. It is 9 km away from the town of Obzor and 70 km south of the city of Varna. Although in the camping site there are bungalows of different institutions, it is famous for its virgin nature and clean environment, which cannot be found almost anywhere else at the Bulgarian seaside. As it is away from the big resorts – Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, and there is almost no infrastructure in the area, Irakli is visited mainly by young people, who ignore the lack of comfort and enjoy their contact with wild nature. There are a lot of tents and whole families live there from June to September. The bay has a large beach stripe – more than 3 km, which reaches to Cape Emine. Irakli is included in the list of Protected Areas. The purpose is to preserve the typical coastal habitats of rare and endangered floral species, as well as lots of birds.

» Aladzha Monastery 

Aladzha Monastery

The Aladzha rock monastery is situated only a few kilometers south of the Riviera Holiday Club and Golden Sands sea resorts and is also a part of the Zlatni Pyasatsi natural park. The distance to Varna is 16 km. The name of Aladzha monastery comes from the Turkish word for colourful ("aladzha") due most probably to the bright colours of its wall paintings, dating back to the early Middle Ages. The monk's cells, common rooms and sanctuaries, dug directly into the limestone rock and situated on two levels high above the ground, were connected via an external staircase. The lower floor hosted the monks' private cells, common rooms (i.e. kitchen, dining room) and a small church, while the upper level was dedicated entirely to a chapel. According to some historians, primitive monks' cells were built and inhabited already in the 4th century AC. The entire monastery is considered to date back to the 12th century AC. Unfortunately, nowadays only few of the frescoes are preserved (most of these to be found in the chapel) but the experience of visiting a monastery dug high above the ground into a steep rock is unforgettable. The monastery is declared a cultural sight and houses a small museum. Less than a kilometer away from the Aladzha Monastery, one can find a similar monastery complex, called Katakombite (The Catacombs). Katakombite has an origin and history similar to those of the Aladzha Monastery, though its remains are far less preserved.

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hotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictures
hotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictures
hotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictureshotel Melia Grand Hermitage - Nisipurile de Aur - pictures

Facilităţi de la hotel

Hotel de 5 Stele in Nisipurile de Aur

Location: Seaside |  Business hotel |  SPA hotel | 

In hotel:  Aer condiţionat   24 oră Reception   Lift   Parcare   Restaurant   Room service   Day Bar   Night bar   Sali de conferinte   Business center   Shops and commercial services   Spa center   Coafor   Fitness   Sauna/Baie de aburi   Masaje   Piscina interioara   Piscina in aer liber   Children's playground   Ironing   Dry cleaning   Laundry service   Inchiriere masini   Currency exchange   Safety deposit box   Camere pentru nefumatori   Camere/ Facilitati pentru persoane cu   Kitchen 

In room:  Aer condiţionat   Balcony   Baie   Bathtub   Uscător de păr   Minibar   Bucătărie   Telefon   Internet access   TV   Satelit TV   Sigur 

Activities: Table tennis |  Billiards | 

Season: All seasons | 

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Location: Seaside | Business hotel | SPA hotel | 

In hotel: Aer condiţionat | 24 oră Reception | Lift | Parcare | Restaurant | Room service | Day Bar | Night bar | Sali de conferinte | Business center | Shops and commercial services | Spa center | Coafor | Fitness | Sauna/Baie de aburi | Masaje | Piscina interioara | Piscina in aer liber | Children's playground | Ironing | Dry cleaning | Laundry service | Inchiriere masini | Currency exchange | Safety deposit box | Camere pentru nefumatori | Camere/ Facilitati pentru persoane cu | Kitchen | 

In room: Aer condiţionat | Balcony | Baie | Bathtub | Uscător de păr | Minibar | Bucătărie | Telefon | Internet access | TV | Satelit TV | Sigur | 

Activities: Table tennis | Billiards | 

Season: All seasons | 

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